All The Tools You Need To Pancake

Proper Use Of Gravity And Leverage

  • Learn how and when to manipulate your orientation to gravity in order to achieve the pelvic position needed for the pancake.
  • Understand how to make modifications from complete beginner to advanced using added weight and leverages.

How To Increase Your Hip Flexion And Compression Strength

  • Build true hip flexor strength to actively hold the pancake position.
  • Increase your range of motion whilst building active capacity to compress into that range.

What's Included In Pancake?

Side split initial assessment

Full In-depth Assessment

Accurately build a profile of your current pancake ability. Use this to build your programs and document your progress.

beginner side split training

Drills Modified For Every level

Learn to use gravity and elevation in beginner training. Manipulate leverage to progressively build strength. 

measuring side split progress

How To Measure Progress

Learn best in class measurement practices to make your flexibility training quantitative.

Progressive overload

Methods To Overcome Plateaus

Strategies to keep progressing, when to add or remove weight and more.

pu bu drop stance squat

Case Studies

See how to use the pancake in handstand presses and address left-right imbalances.

how to write a side split program

How To Write Your Own Programs

A full breakdown of flexibility program design so that you have the tools to progress indefinitely.

Pancake Progress

The entire Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit team learnt to have achieved belly to floor pancakes as an adult. This puts us in a unique position to teach having gone through the difficulties of learning ourselves.

We are practitioners who are constantly researching, testing and teaching. It's been a pleasure to pass on the knowledge and methods to our loyal students who all put in the hard work themselves. You can see a few examples below.

Matt pancake before and after


Student Results

Placeholder Image


Opening up the pancake has been a gateway to upgrading Yuval's movement practice and teaching.

Placeholder Image


From unable to touch-down to over-pancake. Chloë can now access her range on command as an aerialist.

Placeholder Image


Developing the over-pancake was a key part in Micha achieving his triple straddle press.

Placeholder Image


Jonas has been working diligently towards his pancake for new opportunities in his handbalancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Training methodology so you know why you train the way you do
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  • All future Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit updates

Pay in GBP🇬🇧 or EUR🇪🇺