Mechanics Of Shoulder Mobility & Flexibility

Achieve Your Maximum Shoulder Range Of Motion

Complete A Detailed Assessment

  • Learn how to assess your lats, subscapularis, pec minor and more to properly target your training.
  • The shoulder assessment allows you to accurately build a picture of how you can improve. We take a deep look at scapula strength, shoulder flexion, rotation and more.

Scapula Strength

  • The shoulder blade is crucial to a properly functioning shoulder. We look to restore proper scapulohumeral rhythm in order to improve the overall health, strength and range of your shoulder joint.
  • Build the active capacity to exhibit strength throughout your range and improve upper body performance.

What's Included In Shoulders?

Side split initial assessment

Assessment Videos

Learn where to focus your training from pec major and minor to the strength of your rhomboids and external rotators.

beginner side split training

Modify Drills To Target Your Weak Links

Learn to select and progress the drills to focus on your limiting areas.

measuring side split progress

How To Measure Progress

Learn best in class measurement practices to quantify your shoulder flexibility training.

Progressive overload

Specific Drills

Address tight areas and increase range of motion with drills specific to your assessment results.

pu bu drop stance squat

Structural Balance Drills

How to strengthen and create the necessary structural balance to allow for injury free, full range of motion.

how to write a side split program

How To Write Your Own Programs

A full breakdown of flexibility program design so that you have the tools to progress indefinitely.

Shoulder Flexion Progress

We assess shoulders by looking at a range of factors that can restrict our movement in this highly complex group of joints. Once you determine where to focus your efforts you can go from guess work to making deliberate choices in how you focus your training.

Matt shoulder flexion before and after


Couple shoulder flexion with external rotation and you have a true test for overhead flexibility.

Tim trap raise before and after


Tim struggled to lift 2kg past his ear when first starting. He's now able to complete reps at 10kg+ with full range.

Tim trap raise before and after


Improving shoulder range has opened up straighter handstands and easier access to arching acrobatics.

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shoulder flexion mobility & flexibility toolkit
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