Mechanics Of A Side Split

All The Tools You Need To Side Split

Understand Your Hip Anatomy

  • Learn how to modify your positioning to allow for your full side split potential
  • Understand the muscles involved, which to pay attention to and how to target those limiting your progress

Drills From Passive To Active

  • Learn how to utilise the full spectrum of passive to active flexibility training
  • Increase your range of motion whilst building active capacity to exhibit strength through that range

What's Included In Side Split?

Side split initial assessment

Full In-depth Assessment

Accurately build a profile of your current side split ability. Use this to build your programs and document your progress.

beginner side split training

Drills For Every Level

We have drills that teach you the basic technique all the way to getting that inline side split.

measuring side split progress

How To Measure Progress

Learn best in class measurement practices to make your flexibility training quantitative.

Progressive overload

Methods To Overcome Plateaus

Strategies to keep progressing, when to add or remove weight and more.

pu bu drop stance squat

Case Studies

See real life student case studies such as how to address left/right imbalances.

how to write a side split program

How To Write Your Own Programs

A full breakdown of flexibility program design so that you have the tools to progress indefinitely.

We Learnt To Side Split As Adults

The entire Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit team learnt to side split as an adult. This puts us in a unique position to teach having gone through the difficulties of learning later ourselves.

We were never gifted with flexibility, which forced us to find the real mechanisms behind increasing range of motion for adults. The side split being one of the most technical to approach.

We are practitioners who are constantly researching, testing and teaching. Our goal is to uncover the underlying principles and teach you not just the 'how' and 'what' to do but 'why' you should do it.

Matt side split before and after
Liv side split before and after

See What Our Members Say

side split progress
side split progress
tailors pose progress
side split progress
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Yuval side split
Molly side split
Micha side split
Isa side split
Isa side split
Isa side split

Frequently Asked Questions

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All These Splits Learnt Through This Approach

(Except for Matt... Who had to learn it the hard way...)

All These Splits Learnt Through This Approach

(Except for Matt... who had to learn it the hard way...)

Bundle With The Full Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit

pancake mobility & flexibility toolkit
shoulder flexion mobility & flexibility toolkit
coming soon to the mobility & flexibility toolkit

Side Split


One Time Purchase:

  • Full in-depth assessment
  • Drills for beginners to advanced
  • Training methodology so you know why you train the way you do
  • Learn how to write your own programs
  • Extensive drill library with our unique drill matrixes
  • Opportunities to train with us, exclusive discounts and bonuses
  • All future side split updates
  • And more

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  • 25+ PDFs (programs, guides, case studies and more)
  • Opportunities to train with us, exclusive discounts and bonuses
  • All future Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit updates

Pay in GBP🇬🇧 or EUR🇪🇺