All The Tools You Need To
Teach Yourself To Handstand

Experience the depth and detail of the Handstand Toolkit with 10 free videos

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"The Handstand Toolkit was a game changer.  This program is really thorough, and very far reaching. It has multiple stages that will help you assess and progress"

Tristan, Handstand Toolkit Member


All The Tools You Need To Teach Yourself To Handstand

Experience the depth and detail of the Handstand Toolkit with 10 free videos.

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The Handstand Toolkit's Biggest Update Yet - 2 Flexibility Modules

The Handstand Toolkit also includes two modules from the Flexibility Toolkit, pancake and shoulders. This almost doubles the available content with in-depth assessments, theory videos, programs and much more.

Shoulder Flexibility
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Learn More About The Flexibility Toolkit

Built to overcome all the fears of learning as an adult

The Handstand Toolkit is designed for people without a background in acrobatics or gymnastics. Matt and all his students learnt to handstand as an adult.

Overcome the fear of falling in a handstand
Learn to handstand as an adult, handstands for all ages

We teach you how to look after your body, no matter your age or starting point 

Included in the toolkit is a comprehensive wrist warm up library, shoulder preparation techniques and self-assessments. We have students in their 20s to 70s.

We teach you how to look after your body, no matter your age or starting point 

Comprehensive wrist warm up library, preparation techniques. Shoulder assessments. No matter your age, you can work with us to get safely on your hands.

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Advanced skills, deconstructed and explained in detail

Handstand presses, advanced two arm shapes and the progression for the one arm handstand all included with programs for every skill. 

Advanced handstand skills, learn to one arm handstand

Plan your path and set goals with the Skill Tree, no guess work

You'll know exactly what to work on to achieve your goals. The Skill Tree is a step by step overview of everything you can learn and which program to follow.

The Handstand Toolkit Skill Tree

Sign up today to try - 10 free videos

Learn our fundamental handstand tips and techniques with our 10 tutorial videos. 


Work on exactly what's holding you back with Individualised Coaching included in the Toolkit

Unique to the Full Handstand Toolkit, we've included individualised coaching on your milestone video uploads. One of our experienced team will respond via video with in depth feedback.

Coaching for Handstand. Learn to handstand

What's included in the Full Handstand Toolkit?

Handstand Toolkit Tutorial

Tutorial Videos

Understand the why behind the drills and experience for yourself how our methods work

Handstand Toolkits Programs


A different program for every level. We include how often to practice, drills, sets, reps and rests.

Handstand Toolkit Drills - Handstand Drills and Training

Drill Videos 

Keep moving forwards with clear, concise drills and exercises for each and every program.

Handstand Toolkit PDF guides


Assessments, case studies and more. Learn to customise and individualise your own progress.

The Handstand Toolkit - How to learn a handstand - Introduction to handstands

1 - Introduction

  • How to get the most out of the toolkit
  • How to join the worldwide community
  • Navigating the toolkit & more 
Handstand toolkit section 2 how to warm up for handstand, handstand wrist injury prevention

2 - Preparation

  • Build your own warm up from our wrist prep library
  • Learn about hand placement and where to look
Handstand toolkit how to fall out of a handstand

3 - Falling 

  • Learning to fall is a game changer. We have taught many of our students to overcome this fear
  • Are you always practicing with a wall or cushion? We help you to practice without fear
Handstand toolkit section 4 how to handstand against the wall

4 - Using The Wall

  • How to build the strength and awareness to express balance
  • Learn to use the wall to your advantage for specific lessons not just a support
Handstand toolkit section 5 how to kick up into handstand

5 - Kickups

  • Set yourself up for faster progress with an efficient kick up technique. 
  • How to increase consistency and find balance quickly with your kick-up into a handstand
Handstand toolkit section 6 road to a minute handstand

6 - Road To A Minute

  • How often do I need to practice to get a 60 second hold?
  • Shapes, transitions, alternative kick-ups, you can choose how to develop your handstand
Handstand toolkit section 7 two arm finess - tuck handstand - head looking at toes

7 - Two Arm Finess

  • Learn advanced skills on two arms, from gaze changing to shapes and flagging
  • Build an exceptional foundation for progressing to presses and one arm handstand
Handstand toolkit section 8 press - how to press handstand - straddle press - pike press

8 - Presses

  • Identify and address your weakest links
  • Multiple approaches towards the strength and flexibility for the press
  • 9 programs JUST for press
Handstand toolkit section 9 - how to one arm handstand

9 - One Arm Handstand

  • Find out whats needed for the one arm handstand and how to approach learning the skill
  • A thorough breakdown of the requirements, methods, drills and positioning for OAHS
handstand toolkit low balance

10 - Low Balances

  • Bonus content on other handbalancing  and arm balancing skills that you can add to your practice
  • Croc, Elbow Lever, QDR and more
Handstand toolkit section 11 - Handstand Programs - Handstand Training - Handstand Drills - How to handstand

11 - Programs

  • 25+ programs split across every level
  • Learn how often to train, clear progressions, how many reps, how to rest, recovery and more
Handstand Toolkit - Handstand Coaching - Handstand teacher - handstand guide

12 - Individualised Coaching

  • Send in videos for feedback at key moments in your journey
  • Receive detailed video responses from our coaches


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"The HSTK is hands down the best investment I’ve made in my long journey of chasing handstands – the feedback & support that you receive from Matt, Tim & Olivia will fuel your fire. What are you waiting for?"

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"I just wanted to let you know the toolkit is amazing! Thank you for the work you’ve put into it, it’s been a game changer even in just three weeks or so.”

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"My biggest struggle starting my handstand journey was the fear of falling over, which resulted in me not being able to fully kick up. Now I can kick up carelessly and feel confident in my handstands!”

handstand toolkit review

Once again a huge thank you to @matthewismith for making that road to handstand a lot clearer. Without your guidance I’d still be lost with the move.

Handstand Toolkit review & rating

The Handstand Toolkit was a game changer. This program is really thorough and very far reaching. It has multiple stages that will help you assess and progress…

Handstand Toolkit Review

Enter Handstand Toolkit by movement coach matthewismith. I really like how this class doesn’t shove you into a precast mold. The easy self assessment helped me create a path for improvement and daily small wins.

handstand toolkit review

After trying for over a year I’ve finally gotten you! It felt good to reach this fitness milestone…


Handstand Toolkit Review

I treated myself to the handstand toolkit by matthewismith. It may seem a fair bit to pay but believe me, you get what you pay for ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Handstand Toolkit Review

Started off with no freestanding handstand and no real feeling of control. Day 8 and i got a 15s split leg balance :) Thanks to matthewismith for the expert guidance. The amount of care and knowledge that’s gone into the handstand toolkit is exceptional. Im excited to continue.


Some of the commonly asked questions. If you have a question on anything we haven't covered here feel free to contact us!

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