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We're Only Accepting Applications For 2 Types Of People

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Professional Athletes & Performers

  • We help athletes at the top level of their sport build theĀ flexibility & strength to redefine what's possible.
  • We are coachesĀ to Olympians & World Champions šŸ„‡
  • Our athletes include World Cup climbers, Olympic swimmers, NHL goalies, all-star cheerleaders, circus artists and many more.
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Toolkit Students

  • For the individuals who want toĀ see what they're capable of
  • Any age & background

Why should I go through the Toolkits first?

  • It's more cost-effective for you as there is so much knowledge and progress to gain from the Toolkits.
  • The full Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit includes access to our coaches through the members forum.
  • Many of our students find that the Toolkits are everything they needed to achieve their goal.Ā 
  • To get the most out of the Performance Project we want to jump right into the complexity & detail. This can only be done when you know the basics of our system.

We Learnt Everything As An Adult

Student Spotlight

Here's to the long term students who have put in the work.


Tim is the hype man. With a transformation to be stunned by, in just his first few months Tim had become almost unrecognisable. With over 12kg weight loss, going from zero to making over a minute handstand along with presses, handstand pushups, ring muscle ups and full back levers look easy... this man is on fire.

Tim HSPU handstand pushup toolkit matthewismith
Tim straight arm support OAHS handstand toolkit matthewismith
Tim one arm hanging matthewismith
Tim filming matthewismith


A full time physio with a handstand pushup, 45kg weighted chin up, along with a minute handstand isn't a common sight. Ally knows the grind like very few, working diligently towards each and every skill. This guy is strong.

ally handstand pushup HSPU toolkit matthewismith
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Ally diamond handstand toolkit matthewismith
Ally back squat matthewismith

There's A Process, A Method

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